Follow yourself

Something we all must understand is this is your life and it is up to us what we do with it. Now, I know we all have things in life that stop us from doing certain things including mental health issues, various other disabilities and responsibilities, but I feel we still should embrace what we can and ultimately it is up to you what you choose to do. 

I find that the younger we are, the more reluctant we are to accept other people's words of wisdom, but more often than not people are usually right as they have more experience than yourself. However, whether you choose to go along with this advice is completely up to you and as you go through your life you will be able to make more decisions in the surroundings of yourself and it's important to remember this.The reason I am writing this now is for two main reasons. Firstly because too often than not you can get caught up in other people's visions and dreams only to forget your own and fall among the crowd just to be like others and end up losing yourself. And secondly, the battle with mental illness is completely your own and you should not let those who comment badly on your situation to rattle your progress and stop you from following your own path. Again, advice from professionals should be taken notice of, but when I have experienced comments that are heartless or misunderstood, I have just wanted to walk further down my own path and I made that choice.

Ultimately, this post could be seen a naive, but I am fully aware that there are restrictions in everyone's life and not everything will always go in the right direction, but I want to send a reminder that sometimes, you need to follow the path that you want to choose, because it's you who is going to be affected in the long run and if you have something that you really want to do (as long as it's legal and preferably doesn't hurt those surrounding you!) and you have a gut feeling, putting apart others words, then perhaps you should go for it. 

Amy Xx